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What does Connected Mobility have to do with a healthy work-life balance?

What does Connected Mobility have to do with a healthy work-life balance

A balanced lifestyle isn’t just about ‘rightsizing’ the amount of time you spend on your work and private life. When you dig deeper, you discover that it’s also about:

  • Making a better impact at work and in the world

  • Having a positive impact on your close relatives, children, friends and family, as well as professional connections

  • Being present in the moment

  • Prioritising what’s important to you, including your wellbeing

  • Having firm boundaries that you feel good enforcing

  • Having deep connections and engaging with other people, like family, colleagues, friends, and sometimes even a stranger you meet on your journey.

Connecting with every mile you travel, whatever your mobility choice

What does Connected Mobility have to do with a healthy work-life balance

Especially the younger generations are increasingly interested in improving their life experiences and are ‘working to live’ as opposed to ‘living to work’. Hence, there is a direct link to their mobility needs, commuting patterns and business travel. Once again, this ties into an increasing trend that mobility should reflect your individual lifestyle and help you to prioritise what is important to you: sustainability, outdoor exercise, time to focus, engage with others, relax or be fully present in the moment while you enjoy the ride with every mile you travel.

To explore this in more detail, we will be discussing the theme of connected mobility at our next Smart Mobility Institute (SMI) session on ‘How connectivity supports the uptake of alternative mobility’. Connectivity enables flexible, personal and multi-modal mobility based on real-time travel information. This results in safer and more sustainable journeys, using the right type of mobility for each individual situation or mobility need.

Prepare yourself for a rapidly changing mobility ecosystem

What does Connected Mobility have to do with a healthy work-life balance

The corporate mobility ecosystem is changing rapidly. Interconnected with a network of systems and mobility services, it is becoming ever-more complex and increasingly user-centric. Hence, there is no time to waste in preparing your fleet and mobility strategy in the context of today’s ecosystem. In this turmoil of changes, connectivity is a promising solution for enhancing and tailoring corporate mobility. But is it already a viable solution for your company and your various employee profiles? What are the pros and cons for you and your workforce? And how can you make it work in practice? Join us to explore these and other questions together with smart corporate mobility frontrunners, visionary HR specialists and tech-savvy experts during our next Smart Mobility Institute session on 17 February.

What you can expect from the upcoming online session on connected mobility

One of the keynote speakers is Dr Olga Nevska, CEO of Telekom MobilitySolutions. She will talk about the what, why and how of the soon-to-be-launched connected mobility services, including an innovative app to offer the company’s employees an optimally flexible mobility experience.

Karen van den Boom, CEO of leading mobility service provider Sixt, will discuss the value of connected mobility and the benefits to the user. Can machine learning provide insight into the demand and supply at high-peak and low-peak times and deliver an all-fulfilling user experience? And how does connectivity help us achieve a healthy work-life balance based on the appropriate mobility at the right place and time?

Roeland Vanrenterghem, managing partner NS Go & Vaigo, uncovers the easiest way to smarten your corporate mobility. Which is through connection. Mobility is captured in one connected process and about -who- needs to be -where- and -when-? He shows us how.

France is a leading example in Europe with their ‘plan de mobilité obligatoire’ for large corporates. Xavier Bazan, Senior EMEA Fleet Manager for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, shines a light on how they use connectivity to promote alternative mobility amongst employees.

And there is more. Click to discover the complete programme and to register. It’s free, and it’s online.

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