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Want to stay ahead of the curve? Take a fresh look at your international car policy!

In the rapidly evolving world of business, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve. But the company car or mobility policy often gets overlooked. In fact, many companies haven’t reviewed or updated their policies in over five years. As a result, it no longer serves their needs or those of their employees. This leads to countless missed opportunities for strategic benefits and growth.


The need for change

There are multiple reasons why it’s time for a fresh approach to the international car & mobility policy: the steady stream of new regulations, the rise of electric driving, the emergence of alternative mobility options and an-ever growing focus on sustainability and cost savings, to name but a few. A clear policy not only supports your overall company strategy, but also helps your local organisations to attract and retain talent, save time and money, mitigate risks, improve processes, and enhance employee engagement, satisfaction and safety.


How to update your policy

To take a fresh approach to your international car & mobility policy, treat it just like any other project. Start with stakeholder engagement, a review of current policies and mobility offerings, and a gap analysis. It’s also important to involve employees in the process by collecting their feedback on what’s going well and what can be improved, and to benchmark your company against your peers. Make decisions about certain core elements, such as what to offer part-time employees, what happens in the case of an employee promotion, and the company policy on home charging equipment for electric vehicles. Follow this with carefully planned implementation and strong communication to all employees, both at your head office and across the local entities.


Challenging but rewarding

While updating the international car & mobility policy can be challenging in terms of the required time and expertise, the rewards are more than worth it. Harmonised policies lead to fairer and more consistent treatment of employees across business units and regions, strengthening the sense of unity and working together towards the same goal. More streamlined processes will reduce administrative overheads and free up resources for other strategic initiatives. A new policy can support sustainability programmes and help your company to achieve its environmental goals. All of this mitigates risks, delivers cost optimisation, improves the company’s bottom line and paves the way for future success.


DIY approach or help from an expert?

You might feel happy to undertake this process yourself, but alternatively you may prefer to enlist expert help to save yourself some time and ensure an optimal outcome. At Mobility Switch, we’ve developed a solid yet pragmatic methodology that guides companies through assessing and benchmarking the current situation, reviewing the local policies, understanding all the needs, and creating and implementing a modern-day international car & mobility policy (including appendices for local entities) that is aligned with your company’s overall business strategy.


Opportunity to drive your business forward

Rather than treating the review and update of your international car & mobility policy as a chore, see it as an opportunity to streamline processes, improve employee satisfaction and, ultimately, drive your business forward.

Don’t let your policy become outdated – contact us today to make the switch to a sustainable and comprehensive international car policy or a more all-inclusive mobility policy.

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