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Switching to Insight cars


To develop and thrive, businesses need to reflect on their current situation and look ahead to the future – and that includes thinking about the fleet and mobility programme.

Fleet programmes have changed a lot in the last decade. Improved safety and sustainability have become strategic assets on the fleet agenda. The classic three-to-four-year operational lease contract is being replaced by more flexible contracts with shorter or longer lease terms as well as used-car leasing and private lease options. The decision for diesel as the fuel of choice for high-mileage and high-performance vehicles is diminishing year on year, and the electric vehicle has proven itself as a mature and developed alternative in a growing number of countries. Alternative mobility options such as e-bikes, electric scooters and public transport have gained a foothold. Meanwhile, subscription-based car-sharing/ride-sharing programmes (Mobility as a Service or ‘MaaS’) offer greater flexibility.


At the heart of all these developments, the digital transition is contributing to extensive interconnectedness, easier communication and faster access to information for fleet managers. This enables them to reflect on their current situation and to gain insights into how the fleet or mobility programme of the future could look – and, most importantly of all, what it takes to get there.


To help companies assess their current fleet and mobility programmes and define their future situation, Mobility Switch has developed a modular fleet scan and supporting services.


Please contact us for more information.

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