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The Smart Mobility Institute

Updated: Feb 17

Accelerating the development of smart mobility management within companies

Saskia Coroporate Mobility Expert

About the Smart Mobility Institute

The Smart Mobility Institute (SMI) is a cross-functional networking group for companies who are on a smart corporate mobility journey and are keen to explore new possibilities, benchmark their current mobility approach and inspire each other with real-life best practices. Participants in the SMI network are international decision-makers within HR, Comp & Ben, Travel, Facilities, Procurement and Finance, as well as suppliers of corporate mobility solutions. The SMI organises regular meetings for all these corporate mobility stakeholders, with a focus on a particular theme each time.

Articles, tip sheets and case studies

The SMI conducts its own research into relevant topics and shares the findings with participants. This helps them to increase their knowledge and value and to stay up to date on the latest developments and best practices in intelligent corporate mobility. The SMI publishes articles, white papers, tip sheets and much more in the online Fleet Europe Digest on a monthly basis and on the dedicated website.

A selection of the latest articles:

Smart Mobility Institute 2021

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