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Help! These are disruptive times in corporate mobility!

Seize the moment in 2023 Given the escalating environmental concerns, the soaring prices and the painstakingly slow easing of supply chain disruption, a growing number of companies will seize this moment and reflect on their corporate mobility needs – not only for those employees entitled to a company car, but for the entire workforce. This will result in a more holistic approach to corporate mobility. Therefore, in 2023, we will see more collaboration, more pilots in innovative and alternative mobility and a steady rise in bicycles/e-bikes as a corporate mobility option.

Mobility partnerships

In 2023 I expect to see a sharp uptick in partnerships in which local governments, universities, suppliers and corporates will proactively seek collaboration. Together, they will present a united front and speak with one voice to further enable and enhance innovative, shared and sustainable mobility. They will increasingly:

  • Become a trusted resource for policymakers at a local level

  • Raise awareness of the role of shared and sustainable mobility

  • Advocate a multi-modal approach to mobility

  • Drive regulations and policies that will support the uptake of intelligent and environmentally friendly mobility

Innovative pilots and a can-do attitude

The way to make change happen is to start small with daring and innovative pilots. In 2022, many people have still tended to say “Alternative mobility or vehicle electrification doesn’t work for us”. In 2023, I’m confident that we will see more and more private individuals and corporates giving it a try. Even if sharing, multi-modal mobility or bicycles are not the right solution for everyone and/or every day, they can still be suitable solutions for certain employee groups or situations. The only way to find out is to give it a chance. That is the key to learning, so that we can all further optimize and subsequently implement a sustainable approach to mobility.

The steady rise of the bicycle/e-bike as a corporate mobility solution

The EU is investing up to EUR 3bn from 2021 to 2027, and a further EUR 6bn from 2028 to 2034, in enabling the use of bicycles. This is a clear sign that the bicycle should be taken seriously as a viable mobility option in the near future. Due to its financial, environmental and health-related benefits, the bike will become a true enabler for a more holistic, all-encompassing approach to corporate mobility. Critical success factors for this will be convenience, fitness, attitude (belief), motivation and social influence.

Want to try one of these trends in your own organisation but don't know where to start?

No worries, just seize the moment, take small steps and give it a try. Need help? Contact me and activate your corporate mobility transition.

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